About Us

Machnik Sickle Cell Foundation Uganda (MSF) was established in Uganda in December 2016 by Mr. and Mrs. Machnik with a vision of helping people with Sickle Cell Disease(SCD) live longer in healthier lives than before. MSF’s mission is to control sickle cell disease through massive sensitization and testing of young couples for SCD before engaging in relationships. Machnik Sickle Cell Foundation was then registered under Registration number: 80020000017061 as a not for profit organization with the purpose of providing health care support to children and adults suffering from sickle cell disease. People living with sickle cell disease experience, stroke, episodes of pain, delayed growth, paralysis and yet support isn’t universally accessible. 

Machnik Sickle Cell Foundation Uganda  plans to transform lives of people living with sickle cell disease by providing free medicine and end suffering and helplessness that patients undergo. This shall be achieved through creating awareness that promotes knowledge about sickle cell disease, providing free counseling services necessary for young couples intending to get married to test for sickle cell disease so as to produce children free from the disease and facilitating research.

Since SCD is a vital public health concern, MSF plans to expand to other parts of Uganda to increase the scope and access to prevention, care and support services. The initial plan was establishing a SCD clinic within Entebbe General hospital and progressively expand to other regions in relation to disease indices and trends after 5 years.

MSF is a charitable Non-Profit organization with a focus on supporting people with sickle cell disease. We believe that people with sickle cell disease have the right to quality care which can be achieved through funding which is used to educate health professionals about the condition. We aim to provide this care through funds obtained from our donors.

MSF does not discriminate between  ethnic groups as well as political interests. All genders are equally affected, and should have equal access to support and services within a confidential and sensitive environment.

MSF respect the views of every patient. We are looking for a network of committed volunteers, who will play an important part in running MSF as a charitable organization, providing administrative backups, and helping with fund-raising activities.


  1. To increase awareness about sickle cell disease throughout the communities and schools and churches through sensitization, testing and counseling patients’ families  by 2022.
  2. To establish functional SCD health care programs  for easy service provision to the entire communities in Uganda.
  3. To provide medical services to all sickle cell patients and equip them and their family members with proper management skills for SCD condition by 2022.
  4. To conduct and or facilitate  research on sickle cell disease.


Machnik Sickle cell Foundation’s mission is to control sickle cell disease through massive sensitization and testing of young couples for SCD before engaging in relationships.